Saturday, February 11, 2017

Lesbian immigrant in Canada explains how Islam is anti-individualistic; Sessions leaves trans protections alone; HB2 repeal introduced in NC by Democrats

Metro Weekly has an interesting article this week by Randy Shulman about lesbian Muslim Urppj Ashad, who lives in Canada (back ground from Pakistan).  She describes being sponsored by her uncle.  Private sponsorhip for refugees exists in Canada.  Note where Arshad says “You’re not an individual the way you are in the West” in Islamic society.

There is also other news:  Jeff Sessions and his Department of Justice apparently will not interfere with Obama-order-trans-student-protections of transgender students in some public school situations.

And with demonstrations in Raleigh NV today, Democrats have introduced a repeal of HB2, story   But much of the problem with HB2 was how it affected other non-discrimination ordinances outside of trans.

Update:  Feb. 14

There is a clarification on the bathroom bill issue.  Sessions withdrew an appeal that might have helped some transgender students, story.

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