Thursday, February 09, 2017

Washington Post explains state religious liberty bills

Sandhya Somashekha has a good article on p. A16 of the Washington Post today, Thursday February 9, 2017, “Trump didn’t sign a religious liberties executive order, but states are filling the gap”   in print, reading “Raft of states drafting religious opt-out bills that critics call discriminatory; measures would permit refusal of services to gay and transgender people”.

The problem comes with faith-based agencies that get government money, to provide services like adoption assistance.  While one may have an anti-intellectual, “faith-based” belief that only heterosexually married couples should raise children, such a belief actually drives farther apart, encouraging a competitive adult culture where more adults have no interest in providing got others besides themselves.

There is also a problem when businesses operate commercially as public accommodations, or when professionals are licensed by the state.

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