Friday, March 31, 2017

First visit to a new row-hours club in the U Street area of DC

I attended a “Go Gay DC” (including AGLA) social this evening at a new club, the Uproar, on Florida Ave between 6th and 7 sys NW in the U street area of Washington (about three blocks from Town, near the Howard Theater).

There are three levels, with the top level having a small dance floor.

There was a raffle and television drag party (I wasn’t sure of what the show was) that became quite packed in Happy Hour with cis "

I had brought the "conservative book" "The Perils of Privilege" by Phoebe Maltz Bovy, and it made a nice conversation piece, with all the bad sensational news showing up on our cell phones from CNN, while eating bar food and vegan burgers.

Another picture:
U Street (with Nellies Sport Bar about three blocs away, too, among new apartment builidngs) has become the popular Happy Hour spot, with the emphasis on entertainment rather than drinks.

I’ve won only one raffle, a Starbucks gift card, that I still have to remember to take with me.

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