Monday, April 10, 2017

Chechnya is becoming the worst place in the world for gay men

One of the most awful stories about anti-gay policies in other countries seems to come from Chechnya, a semi-autonomous part of Russia that gave us the Tsarnaev brothers.  Here’s the Daily Mail version of the torture reports.

This part of the world seems to be super combative, super warrior-class, with unassimilated radical Islam at its worst.

No doubt we’ll hear about this with asylum seekers. It's no fodder for Facebook jokes.  No, Sessions isn't going to do anything like this.

Update: April 17

OutRight has a press release urging oil companies to condemn the anti-gay raids, here.

Russia seems oblivious, seems willing to accept extra-judicial or "honor" killings in autonomous (especially Muslim) areas.

Update:  June 5

Time Magazine report on p. 9 of the June 12 edition that France and Lithuania are considering taking in gay men as refugees from Chechmya;  Canada is considering;  the "U.S., however, said no visa exists for this kind of 'humanitarian relief'".

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