Friday, April 21, 2017

Hillary Clinton warns at fundraiser that Trump administration seems indifferent at best on LGBT issues

Hillary Clinton spoke at a fundraiser for the Center in New York City, where she warned that the Trump administration could roll back progress on LGBT rights, more because of his appointments than of Trump himself.  Outside of Kushner and perhaps Mattis, a number of other appointments have given some evidence of hostility in the past, even though they seem mum now.

Hillary mentioned the fact that gay men were simply pulled out of their homes in Chechnya, and that tge Russian government denies that gay people exist.  She was disappointed in the State Department’s underwhelming response. That would have been the equivalent of pulling out of home in high school because I was perceived as a “sissy”.

She also mentioned not being counted specifically in the 2020 Census or any special surveys.  (“Numbers”).  She also mentioned the Supreme Court.

The CNN story link is here. Hillary also mentioned the importance of the 2018 elections.

I was coincidentally in New York City last night for a New York Philharmonic concert.
The Washington Blade is now reporting that the policeman killed in the Champs in Paris yesterday was gay.

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