Sunday, April 30, 2017

More squashing of free speech by the Gay Left? Out and about

Freedom of speech seems to be a growing problem in “power structures” of the gay establishment.
Consider Bryan Pruitt’s article on the Red State Blog, saying that the whole mess in North Carolina was hot air in search of a problem (rather like gay libertarian Peter Thiel’s remarks at the RNC) here.

That led to Washington DC’s Capital Pride festival to demand his resignation as an event organizer, as explained in a complicated Blade story by Lou Chibbaro, Jr.   Pruitt may sound conservative and not overly sympathetic, but the tone of his article is a lot tamer than anything by Milo.

Tonight on “United Shades of America” on CNN, Kamau Bell (black) interviewed a trans person at Casa Ruby in Washington DC, which she said has helped several hundred LGBT immigrants (she didn’t say refugees or asylum seekers or get into the difference).  Later in the broadcast Kamau visited a potluck in Arlington VA organized for African refugees by a woman from Ethiopia (there is an Ethiopian art gallery in Old Town Alexandria).

Today, in a day trip in Virginia, I did eat at a fast food restaurant where I believe the shift supervisor is a female-to-male trans person.  This is more everyday than a lot of people realize

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