Wednesday, May 17, 2017

LDS church pulls older teens out of Boy Scouts, half-heartedly denies it is about gay issues

The Mormon church (LDS) seems to be backsliding on the whole LGBTQ question, even if the church denies it.  It is separating older teens from the Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts and forming its own separate scouting group.

On Hubpages. Ralph Schwartz gives a detailed history here.

The BSA gradually reversed its policies (first for members and then leaders) after winning its legal case in the Supreme Court in 2000 on libertarian grounds – because of corporate and community pressures.   A lot of people in the Cato crowd liked it turning out this way.  I know of at least one gay teen in Virginia who became prominent in scouting.

The LDS used to be one of the prime supporters of BSA.

The BSA also recently accepted transgendered people recently.

This is quite a change from the 1980s when the BSA, located in Irving TX along Highway 183 as I remember, actually showed up at IT job fairs with jobs for programmers, and living there at the time, I felt wary.

LDS theology goes beyond the familiar evangelical interest in the “natural family” to speak of eternal marriage in the hereafter.  So the LDS church sees openness and dedication to procreation as a moral imperative, connected to eligibility for its version of heaven.  From the viewpoint of more recent writings in quantum physics and cosmology, there seems to be something to the idea that “distributed consciousness” does exist in nature with other animals (like social insects) and is connected to familial relationships.  It’s hard to grasp this in relation to the “I-ness” of individual life on Earth.

Picture: Salt Lake Temple taken by my father in the late 1920s.

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