Saturday, June 10, 2017

Capital Pride rerouted by "No Justice No Pride" protest; Trump to speak with Pence at anti-gay group to honor Pride month

I just got back from Capital Pride Saturday.  My cell phone ran down because there were so many people it kept hanging trying to visit anything.

NBC Washington reports that a group called “No Justice No Pride” stalled the march, refusing to move, and forcing rerouting one block south to Scott Circle.
The parade went past First Baptist Church of Washington DC, where a wedding was delayed because the bride and groom could not get to the church through suddenly closed streets.  I attend that church.

A member of the Texas Rangers baseball team appeared near the church in uniform, about an hour after the Rangers had won a come-from-behind game against the Nationals 6-3, where the Nats blew a 3-1 lead in the ninth.  The game had started at noon to accommodate Pride. (The Orioles lost horribly to he Yankees in NY, 16-3).

I did manage to get a picture on Facebook off about England’s parade exhibit, which I eventually marched with.  The picture was liked, and then I heard rumors today of May being forced out of office in Britain.

There were signs “Make America Gay Again”.

Late there was the usual block party at JR’s and the dance at Cobalt started at 9 PM.

I think I spotted members of the Congressional Chorus in the crowds.

Trump is speaking at an anti-LGBT group, the Faith and Freedom Foundation, Monday, link.  Pence will be at his side.  Maybe Trump doesn't listen to Jared Kushner.

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