Monday, June 12, 2017

Equality March goes smoothly from my viewpoint; a hot, humid, and very crowded Pride Festival

I did “join in” the Equality March for Unity and Pride in Washington DC Sunday morning, as it turned the corner around the Treasury Building and headed town 15th St toward Constitution Avenue.

The march seemed somewhat uneventful.  But there were some curious signs, such as one about “intersectional resistance and collective liberation”.  For the Left, everything seems to be about the group and the people, not the individual.

There were the expected signs demanding impeachment of Trump, and also about being ignored (but that’s what belonging to a group can mean).

The march went East on Constitution Ave (the Memorial Day parade goes east to west).

The Pride Festival was packed all day.  I was there two different periods.  The heat and crowd made it difficult to find some booths, and the Guide did not give precise locations.

The main alcohol section as up front near the stage, and still with long line at 6:30, a half hour before closing.

Despite “No Justice No Pride”, plenty of corporations were present, as were the FBI and CIA, seeming to seek gay and trans employees (for the CIA, trans or fluid could be an asset).

On a side street, around 6th NW near the Newseum, there was another bar area with a disco dance floor.  The Baltimore block party often had a similar concept.

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