Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Town DC will close on July 1, 2018

Town Danceboutique will close on Sunday, July 1, 2018, after more more year of operation.  The disco has operated since 2007.  The property was sold in the Spring of 2016 for an apartment complex.  The best link right now is here on Twitter/

Even so, the club recently put in a patio (as I recall, in 2015).

This is plenty of notice, more than the Hippo had in Baltimore.

There are two or three new but smaller clubs (like the Uproar) nearby which may take up some of the clientele. I’ve seen the Eagle dance floor once (on the Memorial Day “Bryce Harper Gate”) but I don’t know how well it is doing.

But the Town essentially replaced the Velvet Nation, which closed in mid 2006 while Nationals Park was being built.   And Velvet Nation had replaced Tracks, nearby, one of the best bars ever (remember the Volleyball Court) in the 1990s.  One wonders if there would be space for nightlife along the Anacostia after the soccer stadium, next to Nats Park, is built, or if RFK is renovated.

  Another possibility could be the new Ballston Quarter in Arlington; the local population would probably support a bar.

The problems with the Metro and the midnight closings since mid 2016 don’t seem to have been a factor.  But parking in the area has become difficult, with space running out on the lot.

Dance clubs often operate on leased space and wind up eventually getting evicted by developers.  It's not terribly efficient for a property to remain unused most weeks except Friday and Saturday nights.  It may be more efficient to rent hotel or even casino ballroom space for dance events in many cases.


Town's website has the story.  It's worthy of note that the text of the story says "the spring of 2018".  July 1, 2018 is in the summer, but would follow Pride in 2018 and allow one last big bash.

Washington Blade has the story;  comments explain the behind-the-scenes sales of the property.  Often, bar venues are leased in industrial properties and lose leases when the properties are sold to be raised and redeveloped.  Bizjournal gives the details here.

It looks like I missed Baltimore Pride June 17-18;  it had been in July the past two years.  I was at the AFI-Docs instead.  Baltimore could use a replacement for the Hippo, but that's very hard to do in this economy and regulatory environment.

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