Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Trump administration wants to reinstitute ban on transgender people in uniform

The Trump administration is apparently stalling or wants to stop initiatives to accommodate transgender troops in the military, according to the Military Times. The demographic is seen as much smaller than the gay cis-male and lesbian population, and is viewed as harder to integrate given the current state of social progress.
The Palm Center at USCB has issued a statement, where retired generals urge General Mattis not to reinstate DADT for transgender troops.

The Hill has a story by Rebecca Kheel, here.

The Pentagon does seem to be aware of the accomplishments of Kristin Beck. Now 50, who came out as male-female transgender after finishing service as a Navy Seal.  It’s pretty obvious from her background that Kristin is qualitied to serve as POTUS; she was the subject of the CNN biography “Lady Valor”.
In early 1994, male-female sailor was discharged from the Navy but allowed to fill the same position as a civilian in Naval Intelligence. She also became lesbian by the change (she had been heterosexually married as a man).

The DADT Repeal of 2011 did not include transgender.  

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