Monday, July 31, 2017

Conversation about LGBT asylum seekers; day trip into gay Trumpland

Sunday night I did enjoy a salmon dinner at Freddie’s, a regular AGLA social event.  I did have a conversation with someone who told me he was interning at DC Center, and his duties included working with Center Global.

I did say that I considered hosting in am inherited Arlington VA home, but that in the suburban circumstances more removed from regular volunteer help in DC (like around Logan Circle, etc), anyone would probably become a dependent.  There are legal questions as to a host’s responsibilities and possible liabilities, which need to be looked at first; and a private meeting that could have adequately explored these has never taken place.  A new call for hosts was linked here July 19.

I am in the process of considering selling the inherited trust house, so right now my own participation in hosting is not possible.

Today, I made a day trip to Solomon’s Island and had lunch at the Kingfishers  which I had heard about at AGLA.  The town appeared to have some LGBT residents and homeowners, but yet was conservative.  After lunch, I drove around and I met an older woman near the museum and got into a conversation about Trump right after my iPhone beeped Scaramucci’s firing.  She supported Trump, and felt that Obama had let North Korea build its missles right under his nose.  

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