Friday, July 07, 2017

Could Union Market be a good stable location for a replacement for Town DC in 2018?

A walk through Union Market in Washington DC, NE, near the NOMA Metro stop and near the Amtrak train lines, showed me a lot of possible space for a new club after Town closes on July 1. 2018.

There are lots of industrial buildings.  It looks like there is open-air parking.

So maybe this is a logical place for Town to look. You'd have to add security and make sure parking was sufficient and open all night.

The area is remarkable for being low-rise and industrial in a city of high density and high rentals.  It has the look of similar industrial areas in Queens of NYC (as around Jamaica or Long Island City).

Gallaudet University is nearby.

I was there today at the Angelika Pop-Up, which I think is supposed to expand.

The Blade has an op-ed about Town's future and gentrification, here.  See the comments. 

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