Friday, July 21, 2017

Unite Virginia with (Q Virginia) offers glossy magazine on gay weddings in the Old Dominion

At an AGLA social at the Hilton Garden Inn in Alexandria, VA, I picked up a glossy issue of “Q Virginia” aka “Unite Virginia” (June 3), Jun 2017.  The inside front cover calls itself “The Q Guidebook 2017-2017”.

Most of the issue is devoted to gay weddings in Virginia. On p. 6, publisher Justin Ayars offers his own letter, followed by an editorial “WhyQ Weddings?” by Jesse LaVancher. 

Later there is a QA page by Gretchen Gales, and then two book reviews.  One of these is for “Before I Do: A Legal Guide to Marriage, Gay and Otherwise” by Elizabeth E. Schwartz and Jim Obergefell (Afterword), review y Terri Schlicjenmeyer, who then reviews “The Art of the Affair: An Illustrated History of Love, Sex, and Artistic Infleunce, and one more review of “Raising the Transgender Child” by Dr. Michele Angello and Alisa Bowman.

On p. 50 Mr. Ayars offers an exclusive interview with Gavin Grimm.  I did get an inquiry to do this myself by email (which led to a discussion about press credentials).   

Soon I will review the massive book by Nathaniel Frank, “Awakening: How Gays and Lesbians Brought Marriage Equality to America”.

The May 2017 AGLA News has a piece by Andrew Huggins on “Three Ways to Use Social Media to Spread Your Message”  The third point challenges the writer to ask himself “So what?” or “Who cares?”  That may relate to activism, or to publications (or blogs) that are directed to specific populations and not as “general commentary”.  Note AGLA’s anti-bullying link.

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