Thursday, November 23, 2017

DC Center Thanksgiving Dinner

As with last year, I had Thanksgiving Dinner today at the DC Center.  There were about 30 people, including a few asylum seekers.

Before the food, there was a little 4-player Blokus game, as a kind of stadium gladiator event.  Remember, you have to put your pieces down adjacent to the color-coded pieces of opponents, but you can only attach diagonally to your own. It’s similar to the idea that pawns capture on adjacent files in chess but can move forward on the same file if the square is unoccupied. David Mariner won by two tokens (when no more pieces can be put down, the player with the fewest remaining pieces wins – but it is mathematically possible for that number to be zero).

In the meantime, I was passing around a smartphone with a beefcake picture of world chess champion Magnus Carlsen as a male model on the beach from Google images.  Here’s the notorious game that he lost with White in 22 moves (to a neo-Grunfeld). 

At the dinner, there was less talk of politics than last year, even if there was deference to resistance to Trump. 

Maybe I should buy the DC Center a chess set for the game room.

But there are also Go and Backgammon to consider.  Nobody plays Poker there;  there is no sense of Vegas. 

Note the blue lounge chair -- "The Puffy Chair" as in the Duplass movie. 

Also note the Blade article on the Colorado male couple and the Masterpiece Cakeshop case.  Libertarianism is taking a back seat to the abstractions of discrimination.

While we're on the subject of "game night", the Redskins won their first Thanksgiving home game at FedEx Field tonight against the Giants, 20-10.  Don't know if anyone from the dinner went.  I went to the movies at Landmark downtown after dinner. I could even have tried Atlantic Plumbing. 

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