Friday, January 24, 2020

Flipped Virginia General Assembly appeared poised to pass LGBTQ protection package

At least in the LGBTQ community, sometimes partisanship matters, as the Virginia legislature (both Hose and Senate) flipped in the elections this November.

Not only did that lead to the peaceful 2amdt event Monday (and there was a big scare in the buildup in Richmond);  it also led to the Virginia Senate’s passing some pro-LGBTQ bills Tuesday, as things calmed down (the Capitol remained under emergency until Tuesday ended).
Larua Vozzekka has the Washington Post story here
The Senate voted to ban conversion therapy, and setup statewide standards for the management of transgender minors in the school systems (including grade school when medically warranted).  It also repealed the official 2006 Marshall-Newman ban on same-sex marriage (overturned by Obergefell).
Also, recently, the DC Eagle apologized to the leather community for the apparently clumsy logistics that led to long cold outdoor waits at the Mid-Atlantic event recently. Coat check is mandatory in leather dress, of course.  It wrote a long apologetic Facebook post.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Los Angeles clinic director reports meth epidemic among MSM

Jim Mangia, who runs health clinics in Los Angeles, writes in the New York Times, p. A27 today, “Gay men are dying from another crisis”.  And that’s crystal meth.
I have to say, I personally don’t ever run into this. It's said to be spread around at big private parties. 

This does seem to happen more often with men who were thrown out of their homes, or experienced other issues, and may be more common proportionally for PoC. 

The writer says that social media is misused to send clues as to availability (against terms of service, of course). 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

NFL Superbowl will have first female and openly gay assistant coach ever

David Boye reports for the Huffington Post, that Katie Sowers is the first female and first openly gay person to coach in the Super Bowl in the NFL.

The Kansas City Chiefs will play (Nancy Pelosi’s) San Francisco 49er’s in Miami on Sunday, February 2. It will be at Hard Rock Stadium and tickets now start at $4000 (??)
I’m not personally aware of the presence of female coaches in the NFL, but it makes sense. 

Generally, I would expect Major League Baseball to be more likely to encounter openly gay players in the future, as well as (in rare cases, especially for pitchers) female-to-male trans.
The story was also reported in Virginia’s Q Media.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Seventh Circuit rules a same-sex couple can list both parents on a birth certificate of a child (surrogacy?)

The  Seventh Circuit in Indianapolis has ruled that a same-sex married couple can list both partners on a birth certificate as well as death certificate (of a child), CNN story by Anna Sturia, link. 
The Supreme Court had confirmed an Arkansas law that maintained the right to such listing
This would seem to apply to surrogacy.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Gay couples (and singles) need to pay attention to financial planning

CNBC has a major article Jan 10 by Kenneth Kiesnoski, “Online efforts encourage LGBT Americans to mind their financial P’s and Q’s. 

Various columnists are mentioned, including Joey Amato, in Indiana, who runs Frugayity with the byline “a key to a frugal but fabulous life”.  Amato also makes LGBTQ travel videos and writes reviews of travel to various North American cities (a few have been published on one of my Wordpress blogs), including some smaller or medium-sized cities as in the midwest.  

As an older gay, my own finances have been much simpler.  Not needing a big house or hot car has made it easy to stay out of debt.

But a big part of any gay family’s life, just like straight, is whether to adopt (or foster, or surrogate) children. 
Pete Buttigieg could have a lot to say about this.
I was approached by two life companies in 2005 to become an agent (New York Life and Humana) but I decided not to pursue it, but that’s another distinct discussion.  
Picture: from Washington and Meridian streets in Indianapolis (2012).  I worked at an old RCA plant for a while there in 1970, my first salaried job after the Army.  (Yes, there were gays in the military then and everyone knew it.) 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Report on asylum seekers in Mexico near Brownsville, TX

Michael J. Lavers of the Washington Blade reported from a migrant camp in Matamoros, MX, across from Brownsville, where some LGBTQ potential asylum seekers are held, as in a Blade article January 15, 2020. 

The Blade reported that a boy from Washington DC to volunteer, and that there was a major volunteer effort in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas to help migrants (just south of the Trinity River;  the “gay” section is Oak Lawn, much of it along Cedar Springs, just north of downtown).

There are also developments of demands that ICE release transgender detainees.
In Washington DC, WJLA reports an unusual epidemic of street stabbings in NW near downtown, although not necessarily targeting the gay or trans community, not explained yet.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Do LGBTQ teens need adult mentors? Also, bizarre incident in a movie theater

There are a couple of odds and ends. Actually one of them is serious.  A Facebook friend posted a link to a story about the fact that having an adult mentor greatly reduces the risk of suicide by a bullied or expelled (as religiously) LGBTQ teen (whether fluid or trans or cis).  I couldn’t find the article, but I found another piece about Camp Rehoboth in Delaware. Rehoboth Beach is becoming more active and occupied in the winter now than it used to be. I may take a look one of these weekends.

I was more familiar with a similar property, I think organized by Church of Christ, in Bethany Beach, just north of the town square.
There are good articles in the Chronicle for Evidence Based Monitoring, such as this one in Sept. 2016 by Christian Rummell 

I noticed that all three of HRC’s Martin Luther King Day service events in Washington DC for 2020 were at youth-service properties.  But volunteering to such a service on an ongoing basis would be a sensitive matter.

There was a curious incident in a local theater Friday night as I went to see “1917” in northern Virginia. There were a few familiar faces from the days of TownDC, and what appeared to be a male couple in front of me.  When one of them signed a credit card, the clerk objected.  “That’s how I always sign”.  He drew a picture of a male primary organ of copulation. As he walked away the clerk said to me, “He just committed a criminal offense” but nothing happened.
Later in the auditorium, where the audience appeared to be almost all white this time (not always at all) someone said, before the movies started, “did you know most black people are actually brown?”  Bizarre indeed.