Saturday, February 15, 2020

"How Guys Measure Up" according to Dominick Whelton

Dominick Whelton has a 12-minute video “How Guys Measure Up.”

This is a self-help video and you can imagine the positive tone.  Everything is beautiful in its own way? 

The video has a provocative thumbnail that you see when trying to embed that isn’t in the video itself.
There is a lot of talk about finances and “economic invincibility”.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Limbaugh delivers a Stephen Crowder type attack on Pete Buttigieg; Maza takes off

Rush Limbaugh attacked Pete Buttigieg for having a husband, CNN 
OK. Mr. Man Donald Trump??  His body does not feed gay fantasies.  Baby Trump balloons?
Yet Limbaugh is fighting stage 4 lung cancer?
In Iowa one woman tried to take a caucus vote back when she found out he is gay, and there is a proposed state law to prevent that being mentioned in class?

Buttigiey is appealing because he is the youngest candidate and is articulate and logical.

Limbaugh’s attack sounded like a parody of Steven Crowder’s attack on Carlos Maza.  (A Youtuber who rates college youtubers mentioned John Fish as having a lisp, as if to bring back Crowder as a joke – although he praised Fish’s academic content.  That’s like having fun with Nick Sandmann.
No, you can’t get away with that.   And, while we’re at it, sincere conservatives really do care about racism.
By the way, this story in the WPOst reports something pretty terrible. This is not conservatism.

Also, The Shift, a column in the New York Times, has a long column about Carlos Maza's YouTube channel today  It's very determined to call Maza a "socialist". 

Sunday, February 09, 2020

Federalist supports gay rights -- at an individual level -- in responding to a silly woke tweet from David Hogg; Texas GOP excludes Log Cabin

I don’t know why David Hogg, who was so articulate in that March 24, 2018 “presidential” speech at age 17 on Pennsylvania Ave, makes such silly woke tweets sometimes.

The Federalist  (Erin Palette and W.E. Beard) – conservative website – comes out for freeing minorities from oppression of all kinds in its essay criticizing a particularly ridiculous tweet claiming black and brown and non-binary LGBTQ people started the anti-gun movement.

In fact, in earlier times, gun ownership was often mandatory for whites, and non-whites were kept from owning. 
The article has a picture demonstrating the group “pink pistols”. 
This is the most pro-gay article I have ever seen on a website like this.

Later today, I saw an op-ed by Luis Carrasco about the Texas GOP refusing to allow Log Cabin Republicans to attend a convention, trying to drive them to the messy woke Democratic coalition of minorities begging not to be "oppressed".  The GOP, with the help of an electoral college, sinks into oligarchy because it can get away with it.

Saturday, February 08, 2020

Why does the Left 'mob' gay conservatives?

Blaire White writes for “The Post Millennial”, “Why does the Left continue to mob LGBT conservatives?

One of the most sickening spectacles occurred recently in San Francisco occurred Scott Pressler was harassed by far Left protesters when arranging a voluntary cleanup of needles and garbage from San Francisco’s poorest areas. 

One reason seems to be a split within the gay community as to how many gay men feel about non-binary or fluid persons, as this causes a conflict within their own personal sexual value systems.  But a bigger problem is that “gay conservatives” usually act as libertarian individualists, and confound the idea that you need to amass enough followers into a mass movement to oppose what they see as existential threats to their existence from the far right, including violence when they are assembled.  
This fear is not without some validity.

Thursday, February 06, 2020

What does the "Q" in LGBTQ mean? Williams Law Institute looks into it

The Williams Law Institute at UCLA examines the “Q” in LGBTQ, as 6% of LGBTQ adults. 
83% were assigned female at birth, 10% are cisgender male, and 34% are non-binary.
They tend to be younger and more highly educated.
A large part of the entire LGBTQ population is also bisexual.

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Politicians, medicine ponder puberty blockers for transgender teens; sometimes puberty helps end learning difficulties naturally

The Feb. 1, 2020 print issue of “The Economist” (the issue with the cover about coronavirus and “how bad will it get?”) has two (apparently coincidental) articles on the use of puberty blocking medication for transgender minors.

One of the articles is on p. 12, is brief, and urges caution.  It happens in the UK, but should be done only in medically exception circumstances. 

On p. 21, there is another article,  much longer, with a picture of a pink and light blue and white transgender flag, that discusses proposed state laws (and custody cases) regarding giving such medications to minors.  

The article is longer and provides legitimate evidence that the practice (which I was not aware of as particularly common but which gets tweeted about by the right wing) that some children change their minds and revert and that there are other medical reasons why this can be dangerous.  Some boys improve academic performance (and overcome reading dyslexia) when reaching a normal puberty. 
I subscribe to the Economist in print and get it at my business mailbox, but I have trouble getting the paywall to work right now for a link (it brings up a site called zino to manage the paywall access, rather inconvenient).
Here is a link at BBC by Deborak Cohen and Hannah Barnes about the issue in the UK in Oct 2019.  
Here is a link at CNN that maintains that medications are helpful in suicide prevention, Jan. 23, 2020 
I say this is not common, but in public you probably just would never notice.

Update:  Feb. 6

NBC News (Nino Lang) reports that over 200 medical providers in southern states have signed a letter challenging proposed state laws prohibiting puberty blockers or other drugs when actually medically warranted.

Update:  Feb 8

Jack Turban offers a counter argument, "What South Dakota doesn't understand about transgender children: here's how their medical care really works." He is a psychiatric and pediatric resident physician treating patients. 

Saturday, February 01, 2020

Town DC 2.0 gets provisional liquor license

The DC Liquor Board has provisionally approved a liquor license of “Town 2.0” at the former Saint Phillips Baptist Church at 1001 North Capitol Street NE, reasonably near the NOMA Red Line Metro station and Union Market.

There were many concerns in the community, particularly a nearby apartment, about security and noise and traffic.

The club has to meet many conditions, including hiring two police officers for most of the evenings they open.   An opening has not yet been announced. 
The previous location for Town had been open from Nov. 2007 (when I first visited it) to June 30, 2018.  I last visited on June 29, but June 23 turned out to be interesting, for me at least.  It;s my experience that many people who would attend live in northern VA and are often seen in Ballston or Crystal City. 
Town announced the closing over a year in advance, in late June 2017 by email.  It had built an outdoor patio which had opened in late 2014 which got only three full years of use.  Nellie's and Uproar are nearby.  
I had expected the Union Market area to be promising.  There was also a large warehouse building nearby undergoing renovation.  
WUSA has a story and video here.  Town's most recent tweet is here.

The Town follows Tracks (which was open until 1999 as I recall) and Velvet Nations (open mid 2006, closed with the new Nationals Park was constructed -- and we know the Nats won the 2019 World Series!!)