Thursday, September 21, 2017

AIDS was the nuclear war of my generation; young men ponder PrEP

On an evening where I’m in a tweet storm with Trump over how to stop North Korea’s threat to test thermonuclear weapons in the air, I found time for this important story by Daryl Hannah on PrEP’s. Seriously, as a blogger, I’m a lot more concerned about national security than “discrimination”.  But we actually need to have someone like Kristin Beck back in uniform in the Pentagon helping make the right decisions on this North Korea mess. 

A lot of men don’t like to keep taking them.  If you’re well off, in college, 18+ and well-liked, stick with one person you “trust”.  It’s easier to find monogamy if you can work it to your advantage.  The Obamacare repeal could stop coverage for them in many cases. 

Even on 18+ nights at discos, you see people leave together. 

AIDS was the nuclear weapon of my own generation
Picture: Near Camp David, MD.  And, Trump, don’t mix up Rocket Man (Kim Jong Un) with Nano Man (Jack Andraka, as a comics hero, in the world of geeks and medicine). Don’t mix them up in a speech. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ties reported between white nationalism and some gays; flap in Michigan over gay adoptions ("Kids pay the price"?)

Although Truthout is a bi strident in its calls for money to become my left-wing voice, which I don’t need and would resent, I noted this astonishing story by Shane Burley, “White nationalist groups are splitting over gay inclusion.”   While internal ideologies vary (about biological destiny), there seems to be some connection to upward affiliation and maybe even eugenics (the idea that one somehow deserves to reproduce).   It’s all rather shocking.  Spencer gets mentioned.

There is a complicated story about Fox’s refusal to air an ad from a group called “Kids Pay the Price” about how “religious freedom laws”, when they allow adoption and foster agencies to follow their religious beliefs, simply reduce the number of kids who get adopted or find foster care.?)  

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tragic police shooting of GLBT student at Georgia Tech

There has been a tragic event at Georgia Tech, with the shooting of its gender-fluid Pride president, Scout Schultz.

The Advocate has coverage of this incident (some from the Washington Post) .   It would appear likely that there will be litigation from the family. 

11live has a timeline here

The story is developing.

Update: Sept 21:

Here is a disturbing story of an apparent hate property crime in Michigan. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Pride 2017 Charlottesville

I did visit Charlottesville Pride 2017 today (or "CVille Pride"). .

It was held in the Pavilion at the end of the main street court in downtown Charlottesville, a half mile from the previous locations at Lee Park.

There were two areas of exhibits, and a continuous show under the tent.

The site was much larger than Lee Park.

The overall crowd had a substantial gender fluid and trans flavor, more so than is found in bars or that was present in DC Pride.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tammy Duckworth provides video on Trump's transgender ban for the military

Tammy Duckworth (US Senator for Ilinois, Dem.) has provided a video responding to Trump’s “transgender ban”, implemented in slow motion, for the military. 


She points out that Trump dodged the Vietnam era draft, and that transgender health care costs would be only “0.13%” of the entire military health care budget, including casualties. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Edith Windsor's memory is honored

Time Magazine has a detailed obituary on Edith Windsor, 88, the “matriarch” of the gay rights moement in the fight for marriage equality, link by Olivia B. Waxman. 

The New Yok Times credits Windsor with making “marriage” a magic word and offers this op-ed

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Gay conservatives see collective identity politics as a lot of whining

David Benkoff has a piece in the Daily Caller downplaying Donald Trump’s supposed backpedaling on gay rights, all the way back to 2016, here.   A lot of denial of identity politics and placing people into groups claiming systematic oppression.  The Log Cabin Republicans tweeted this today.

There is something inevitable about all this:  people who are individually competitive have little use for identity politics and tend to be more conservative.