Saturday, June 22, 2019

Vigil at Dupont Circle last night for victims (especially trans PoC) of gun and other violence in DC

I’ll share Ford Fischer’s and News2Share’s post of a vigil at Dupont Circle in Washington DC Friday evening for the victims of numerous gun violence events in Washington DC, many of the transgender POC, although the event could have been held for all victims of gun violence, in the spirit of “March for our Lives”.
I was at AFI-Docs at Landmark E St (watching “Gay Chorus, Deep South) at the same time so I was not there.  

Ford also shared some of the details in a series of tweets . He fears the video might get taken down because it talks about “violence”.  Maza’s attack on YouTube is backfiring.  Ford's video is available for licensing for major news channels and documentary filmmakers. 
A gay teenage basketball player and his family has sued a local school district for discrimination, Brewster Ohio, story in the Columbus Disptach (paywall). 
It’s important to remember that major league sports in the US do have clauses banning discrimination. Although unusual, it is conceivable that a female-to-male trans player would be able to compete in, say, MLB some day.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Odd article on disability in the LGBTQ+ world

Belo Cipriani offers a curious article in the Pride week issue of the Washington Blade, “People with disabilities battle forced intimacy, ableism, here

The article suggests that some healthy people on power trips expect disabled people to accept imtimacy with them.  That’s an odd reversal from the more usual arguments about “normies” refusing to consider dating trans people or PWD, or even cross race, as if personal tastes needed to be politically correct for wokeness.

In the meantime Eduardo Sanchez Ubanell (with a boyfriend) makes a demonstration of manliness as summer starts in Santa Monica.  There has been an angry exchange in twitter recently, claiming "gay men are not men" (banned), and that "cis" is a redundant, cult term. 

You can drive Santa Monica Blvd from the beach to West Hollywood, to the Abbey.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Charismatic young man describes gay life in Russia in disturbing videos

Sasha Domansky has a pair of videos, totally to about one hour, “Watch This If You Are Still in the Closet and Need Advice”.

The speaker is quite physical and well built, but he describes his harassment and being beaten in Russia by vigilantes who said that he had to be a pedophile because he was “queer” – which is the subofficial line in Vladimir Putin’s Russia and has been so since the anti-gay propaganda law in 2013.
Wikipedia attribution link, picture from Russian govt, CCSA 4.0 of Russian “White House”.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Baltimore Pride continues with festival at Druid Hill Park; valuable booth on PrEP

Baltimore Pride festival in Druid Hill park tended to be much more a minority and POC affair than ever. Some of the usual companies were there. 

The Libertarian Party of Maryland had a booth there, but I was surprised how little it knew about the recent free speech controversy regarding Carlos Maza and “#Voxadpocalypse”.

There was also a booth with great information on PrEP, which right now is normally covered by insurance. The cards were divided by different audiences, like MSM, women, and trans.

I thought I would mention a book review by Economic Invincibility (Martin Goldberg) of “Androphilia” by Jack Donovan and Jack Malebranche.  I don't know why Martin pronounces "homosexual" with the vowel in the first syllable shortened. 

The point seems to be that, for all the attention to fluidity and trans (particularly visible this weekend in Baltimore compared to DC) what most gay men want is very masculine, male partners.  The term refers to sexual attraction to people who display visible masculinity.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Baltimore Pride is less "preppy" and less cis male than DC's

Interesting day at Baltimore Pride.

Police blocked off the direct entrance on Charles Street.  You had to walk one block west on North Ave, up one long block, over a half block, and up an alley behind the Baltimore Eagle.

The parade did not have many corporate floats, compared to DC.

The people were more “fluid”, with more tattoos or shaving,  and more trans, and less presence of cis white males.  By way of comparison, the gay party at Nationals Park on June 4 was very male, very macho.

I went to a movie at the Parkway (“Shaft”) and then returned and got into the Baltimore Eagle, reopened. Only the upstairs was open as some of the bar was too full.

There was one dancer with angel’s wings and a light string necklace that simulate a spiral galaxy.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Cop in Tennessee draws outrage for off-duty homophobic lay sermon; foster care case in SC involving Catholic church and refugees

A few days after the Maza-Crowder controversy threw up all over YouTube and other creators, a sheriff and lay pastor at a “fundamentalist” Baptist church in Knoxville TN drew controversy with a sermon claiming that government should persecute homosexuals (does he mean physically, does he mean restoring sodomy laws?) 

Station WVLT has a detailed story and a video, which I will not embed given its graphic nature. 

This created some furor on Twitter today as journalist Ford Fischer wondered what happened if a journalist posted the sermon for reporting purposes, like covering a protest.

The sheriff is actually being investigated, but what he did probably doesn’t break the law.  He might have broken department policies, but then you have free speech for public employees – but not always.  What if a teacher did this off hours?

Apparently this church is like Westboro.

Lambda Legal is following an important case in South Carolina against a conference of Catholic Bishops who denied a lesbian couple an opportunity to serve as foster parents for refugee children. Imagine this case in conjunction with the border crisis.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Incident at Dupont Circle during Pride caused more consternation than I had thought

The incident at Pride on Saturday at Dupont Circle was more disruptive than I had thought.
Charles Blow tells the amazing story of traveling to a hotel, having to walk with bags four blocks because of the crowd (streets blocked), and the incident occurred about as he arrived in his room. Shortly thereafter four young women knocked on his door and begged to be sheltered. 

We know there were no shots and this seems to be a private dispute, but I had no idea of the level of panic until I saw the footage on WJLA,   It is also not very expected to have to shelter someone in a hotel when traveling in a US city, or to have to step up to it. 

Pence was interviewed by NBC and said that only a US flag should be shown at embassies.   There was particular concern about Brazil, with right wing president Bolsonaro.
The Hill reports that Milo Yiannopoulos was named grand marshall for “straight pride” in Boston after Brad Pitt backed out.   A few sites took the opportunity to smear Milo again, with so many pejoratives and claims that just aren’t true.

NBCWashington reports that a Pride flag was flown at Montgomery County HQ in Rockville, but it replaced a POW veteran's flag, which should now have been removed. Another ringlet will be added tomorrow.

Update: June 11

A newer Blade story shows that is really was a comedy of blunders.  The defendant was released.  He was protecting a (heterosexual) spouse from unwanted advances. Look at the chaos, sacrifice, and personal challenges it caused.