Thursday, October 29, 2020

What happened to "gay activism" (after Obergefell)?


Modern Wisdom, a libertarian channel in the UK run by Chris Williamson (32), interviews Andrew Doyle on “The Downfall of Gay Activism”.

Doyle says that the woke left won’t admit that gay men are attracted to other biological men who look like such, and that puts people down, and tramples on the hierarchy of group oppression needed for intersectionality to work.

Now, I don’t like “negotiation” (a Trump word) with groups.  But classification can help you see that, in terms of externally-caused sacrifice (the pandemic), understanding a person’s social circumstances can help you grasp what it will take for them to deal with suddenly changed constraints.  Upper income gay men have done extremely well in avoiding infection during the pandemic, which is a bit of an irony given the past. It helps to have smaller or single households.

But bringing up “activism” (which was so essential for Stonewall in 1969) begs a new question:  what happens when people go “MGTOW” and want to do all their content expression their own way, rather than through joining groups?

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Susan Collins (R-ME) accepts anti-gay support; bars in DC area seem to be slowly migrating toward earlier normal despite coronavirus


Pink News (in the UK) notes that Republican Senator Susan Collins in Maine gratefully received support from the Christian Civic League in Maine, an anti-gay Christian group that had supported Amy Constance Barrett.

But back in 2010 she and Joe Liebermann had helped sponsor the bill that ended “don’t ask don’t tell” and she had twice voted against constitutional amendments to ban same-sex marriage (before 2004).

For what it’s worth, I watched the very start of a drag show at Freddie’s Beach Bar Saturday night, but I stood outside on the street, waiting for takeout food to remain socially distanced (at age 77, with an N95 mask).

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Oreo cookies draws boycott because of rainbow fillings? and over activism?


Metroweekly describes a silly One Million Moms boycott of Oreo over rainbow filling cookies (which I had never noticed)  and provides a blog post 

However, the “boycott” may be an emotional reaction for the rather energetic demands for “allyship” from PFLAG, in a parallel with BLM’s call for “allyship” as part of “anti-racism”. 

Many people don’t want to be pressured to “join things”.  Yet that’s how established non-profits have to work, organizing people into movements.  It’s the “sigma people” and libertarians who don’t like to be organized by others.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Texas denies anti-discrimination protections in social work on a state law technicality

Texas governor Greg Abbott, himself disabled, has signed a state executive order removing protections for sexual orientation, disability, and apparently gender identity from the rules for the Board of Social Work Examiners, on the theory that state law does not authorize the provisions.

NBC News reports, with Sakshi Ventkatraman. 

This may be the result of a belief in “rigged individualism”, perhaps?

Friday, October 16, 2020

Bars in DC will need heat lamps even for a mild winter; Atlanta dance party for Pride/Coming Out draws controversy (man dies)


“Bars are bad” (Fauci).

But gay bars are more active in improvising to get through the COVID crisis that I had realized.

Parker Purifoy discusses the DC bars in the Washington Blade.

When I dropped by JR’s, only takeout for even drinks, to be consumed on the alley patio, happened inside. The main bar area was not open.

I wasn’t aware Trade had opened but it is a favorite spot post-Town.

Regular sports bars in DC are allowing limited seating inside, if they serve food (and they try to serve as much as possible outside).

Metro Weekly reports on a Coming Out Day and Pride party in Atlanta, which had an after-party, apparently cited for violation of crowd size, where one black man died (maybe an overdose) afterward. The obvious question (you can watch the video in the article) is whether there would be superspreader event.  Or would is there somehow enough ventilation.  Many men might be taking Truvada or protease inhibitors, and some of these have been tested for effectiveness on coronavirus, and I haven’t heard many real results reported (there are studies in Spain).  HIV+  men without medication would be at real grave risk.

I think I recognized people from DC in the video, as if they had flown to Atlanta where the rules are more lax.  That could invite issues with interstate quarantines. For me, it is a lot safer to watch a video at home (esp. for people I know) than be there on the floor. 

The medical preprint archive (mainly cited today because of remdesivir and Trump) does report disappointing results for all the drugs examined, including two protease inhibitors.  But you have to go after the exact biochemistry of the coronavirus proteins and design inhibitors exactly of them.

Picture:  Atlanta Pride 2004 (mine) 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Man from Turkey has helped LGBT asylum seekers for years


LGBTQNation has an important story about Okan Sengum, from Turkey, “The man helping LGBTQ asylum seekers become Americans”.  The article points out that usually straight asylum seekers have support from family back home (and send them money).  Not so for LGBTQ.

This would be particularly challenging after four years of Trump, and if Biden doesn’t win, it may not be so desired.  (Canada?)

A quick check of Facebook on DC Center Global does not show requests for housing sponsors, as was the case in 2016.  But now, it can be much more challenging, as adding a household member increases the risk for coronavirus exposure (especially for someone already living alone). 

LGBTQNation also has a rather silly story on gay Trump supporters not wearing masks.  The gay community (in the higher income areas) has had much less coronavirus than the general population because households are smaller.   There has also been some silly stuff about Amy Coney Barrett’s use ot the term “sexual preference”. 

Monday, October 12, 2020

National Coming Out Day in Washington DC at the Wharf is quiet


Sunday, October 12, 2020 marked National Coming Out Day, celebrated at the Wharf in Washington DC.

Pastor Dwayne gives an address in Washington DC at Metropolitan Community Church.  He does mention the concerns about the Supreme Court and the Thomas-Alito memo on marriage.

I was there from about noon to 1:30 PM, before the rain started.

The crowd was light.  Many people appeared to have brought people from their families or origin.

The pier, leading to a “pyre” in the waterway separating from Haines Point, was interesting.

I ate at a bar, seated inside at a booth (it opened to the outside), away from other people called The Brighton.  They used a contactless menu with a QR code requiring your phone to open.  They did ask for cell number for contact tracing, which is the first time this has happened (but I have eaten out very little).  The bar area itself had few people and the establishment was not crowded.

But we are a long way from bars being open in a way that was customary in the past.

I present my own video on a Wordpress blog here.