Saturday, October 19, 2019

Federal judge weakens trans protection in Affordable Car Act; dealing with parental "loss" (op-ed)

Meredith Talusan has an op-ed today for transgender persons who have gone through transition and whose parents regret the “loss”.  Her own surgery was in 2002.  This op-ed seems to refer only to transitioning as adults.
Unfortunately, a federal judge has taken RFRA quite literally and rolled back the nondiscrimination for gender identity provisions of the Affordable Care Act, in a federal court in Dallas, Metro Weekly story by John C. Riley here

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Gay conservative British writer Douglas Murray talks about identity politics, and warns we can lose everything quickly to revolutionary wokeness

“Joe” interviews gay neo-conservative author Douglas Murray, whose views may not be too far away from Charles, on identity politics.

Murray is author of “Madness of Crowds”.

He talks about the progress we’ve made on equality on an individual level.  But after the crash of 2008, when many people were much worse off, they tended to return to tribalism or populism, and then make as much as possible of their identity.

So you can’t just be equal before the law, you somehow need to have your group be better.
He mentions some awful examples of separatism, such as Evergreen college.

Murray talks about cancel culture, and the pressure on individuals to agree publicly to support “lies” in the name of political correctness.  And he talks about the lack of ability to forgive other people for the past, because we “live after the past”. 

He does spend some time on the absurdity of the pronoun issue, as well as the desire to tear down statues and eradicate the past.

On fluidity, there is a contradiction in that you couldn’t even be gay unless gender meant something.  

He recounts a case where a girl tried to become a man and eventually had himself euthanized.

The radical Left constantly contradicts itself when it comes to how individuals should behave. Insisting on "group revolution" could make us lose everything. 

He also talks about the “software v hardware” or “born this way” Lady Gaga thing. You can’t say “being trans” is a “hardware” issue but being a woman is a choice.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Milo sells his domain name, said to be sinking more; is this true?

LGBTQ Nation reports that Milo Yiannopoulos has sold his website, “Dangerous”.  Indeed, if you go there, it tells you it is no longer associated with the original owner. 
I reviewed his “Dangerous” book on my Wordpress site, as I did Pam Geller’s book which he published, and frankly there was very little in these books that was “extreme” in the previously understood sense of the concept. 

Milo has (at least) two other books, “Diabolical” (about the Pope and the Catholic Church’s abuse scandal) and “How to Be Poor” (which sounds ironic).

I can remember about a year ago when Milo was promising his fans all kinds of goodies and was immediately deplatformed by Patreon over supposed association with the Proud Boys.

Then he promised he would go into stand-up comedy.  Well he did at the “rally” in Washington DEC July 6 and dressed in drag to support Laura Loomer.

But the extreme Left is so woke that it calls almost any conservative a Nazi or white supremacist with no factual foundation other than loose association or moderate opposition.  It’s hard to tell what happened.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Eduardo makes a video about coming out to straight friends

Eduardo Sanchez-Ubanell, in a three-minute skit, demonstrates what happens “When You Come out to Straight Friends”.

The language is coarse – I love the baseball analogy to pitching and catching (during the MLB playoffs).

What’s interesting is when Eduardo tells what he does and doesn’t feel (around women).
This is certainly a monument to masculine values.
I thought today was "National Coming Out Day."  (Indeed, I notice later that NCOD is the stated mission of this video.) 

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Uganda seems poised to re-enact anti-gay laws

Outright International reports that Uganda plans to reintroduce the anti-homosexual act extendting the death penalty to those who promote homosexuality, link. 

Outright reports that the World Congress of Families has been aggravating the situation.
The story was sent to me as a press release today.

The anti-gay hysteria seems associated with pure tribalism, and it would make it very difficult for volunteer organizations and mainstream companies to send people there.
The HRC-CNN Equality town hall in Los Angeles tonight is reported on the TV blog.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Ted Talk on the problems with the convenience of the "born this way" argument so often used by the far Left in advancing LGBT equality

Lisa Diamond, in December 2018, explains “Why the ‘Born this Way’ argument doesn’t advance LGBT equality”.

She argues that it is not completely accurate scientifically, that it is not necessary, and that it is unjust.

The “equal protection” argument depends more on “rationality” of discrimination in an equal protection claim, not immutability on its own.
The “unjust” part seems to imply that homosexual orientation would otherwise be undesirable.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Oral arguments before SCOTUS today on Federal Civil Rights law as applied to LGBTQ persons; protests outside get vigorous; Gorsuch's literalism may help the LGBTQ side

Peter Williams, justice reporter for NBC, covers the oral arguments before the Supreme Court today concerning three cases with interpretation of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964.  So does CNBC, in a more terse fashion.

The most egregious case involves Gerald Bostock, who was fired from a county job in Georgia when it was learned from social media he had organized a gay softball league (as late as 2013).

Another gay man was fired when telling a female customer he was strapped to in a skydive that he is gay.

But Neil Gorsuch, the literalist, was sympathetic to the idea that “sex” includes sexual orientation because it affects the reading of any sentence about sexual conduct or attraction.  It is also lexically logical to consider transgenderism or fluidity to be part of “sex” but (in some readings) not sexual orientation.  That could lead to a scenario where trans or fluid people have more protected-class benefits than cis gender-conforming gay males (as are popular in discos). 

Conservatives on the court questioned whether Congress understood the term sex to be readable this way in 1964, and believed it probably did not.  Then the question is, should the Court make policy when Congress hasn’t done its job?  (Well, think about DACA.)

The two sexual orientation cases were packaged as Bostock v GA and Zarda (estate) v Altitude Express (argument link).  The transgender case was Harris Funeral Homes v. EEOC (argument). It's ironic to see the company name "Heritage Reporting Corporation" on the transcripts. 
As the video above shows, there were vigorous protests outside the court, and some arrests on 1st St NE from a “die in”.  The area was also cleared temporarily early today for a suspicious package.
People got in line starting Saturday night.

Picture is mine, from Obergefell in 2015.