Thursday, May 24, 2018

Drug and insurance companies making coverage for PrEP more difficult

Lou Chibbaro Jr. reports that HIV-prevention advocacy groups are pressuring states to investigate lowering coverage for Truvalda abd PrEP, including excluding subsidy credits to deductibles.
From a libertarian perspective, it’s hard to argue that states have an obligation to regulate making people pay for the consequences of behaviors.  Realistically, I would hope that these drugs would be affordable in a market sense.

One does see a variety of people out and about, in discos, and some are a lot better off than others economically and physically.  How much restraint do people have today, compare to pre 1980s?  It does seem to be considerable in better educated populations, where it’s easier to be realistic about a future relationship than I t was in my generation. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Gavin Grimm's case moves as a federal court upholds Obama's rules for transgender; how wild animals use gender fluidity and even homosexuality

So a federal court has said it, federal law protects transgender people, and Gavin Grimm’s case from Tidewater Virginia can go forward, ACLU story here
Recently publications have said that the brain scans of transgender people match those of their claimed genders.  As far as I know, the brains of cis gay men don’t show obvious differences, but it would be very hard to trace “epigenetics”.

And a PBS Nature “Extreme Weapons” shows how in some mammals, indeed the most dominant males reproduce their genes.  But that isn’t always true with beetles, or even cuttlefish.  Some invertebrates actually use homosexuality to create false “honeypots” so that a diverse (rather than dominant) male population spreads its genes to the next generation. 

Monday, May 21, 2018

"Pride of the Americas" to take place in Fort Lauderdale in April 2020

I got an email from a press agent about the planned “Pride of the Americas” in April 2010, in Fort Lauderdale, as explained here in an interview by IGLTA. 

Let’s hope Trump hasn’t let the world get away from us in war or something.

The embedded town of Wilton Manor will be rather overwhelmed. 
Outcoast has a similar story here.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Cancer fundraiser at Arlington VA bar tonight

Tonight, Freddie’s Beach Bar in Arlington VA  had a dinner hour fundraiser for cancer, where tips to drag queen and not-so fluid male performers went to a cancer charity.

I didn’t hear whether any specific cancer (HIV-related) as singled out.

But the idea of such a fundraiser could be interesting to Jack Andraka, who still does research on his pancreatic cancer test while a junior at Stanford (and who will do research in Africa this summer – and I presume benefit from the new Ebola vaccine which travelers to some parts of Africa should take now).

Some performers or servers wore "crowns" or even "halos", as if filming a trailer for my own novel "Angel's Brother" (movie??) .  

LGBTQNation calls the NRA a “domestic terrorist organization” now, as somewhat anti-gay takes over.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Gender fluidity challenges the binary dress codes for proms

Here’s an op-ed from a high school student in Washington state, “My gender-fluid senior prom”, Mother’s Day, p. 5 Review in the New York Times, by Ava Halstead. 
She says the sex assigned at birth is female, who came out as lesbian to her conservative parents as a freshman in high school.
But the point of the article is the binary dress code for the high school prom, either a suit or a dress.  
So she chose a suit, improvising from Goodwill store materials.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Beirut Pride is canceled after organizer arrested; play critical of homophobic violence censored

Beirut Pride (in Lebanon) was canceled after its organizer was arrested, and released only on condition of his canceling the second festival.
BBC has a story.  In 2017, Lebanon had been the first Arab country to hold a Pride event.
Outright International sent out a press release Wednesday but I could not find their story online.

The government complained about the reading of a play about homophobic hate crimes (or about parents expelling gay children), saying it had not been approved by censors. 
Wikipedia attribution link for p.d. picture of Beirut. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

GOP candidate for governor blames Holocaust on "gay Nazi's"

A Republican who wants to run for governor of Massachusetts (the first state with gay marriage), Scott Lively, blames “Gay Nazis” for the Holocaust, according to  a story yesterday on Forward. 

Lively was also part of the effort to “evangelize” sub-Saharan Africa, especially Uganda.
In 2001, German writer Lothar Machtan had tried to exploit this issue with “The Hidden Hitler: The Double Life of a Dictator”.  The text constantly referred to “Hitler’s homosexuality” as a possession.