Thursday, March 15, 2007

Evangelical Baptist seminarian says that in utero treatment to reverse homosexual orientation would comport with the Bible

Another uproar has surfaced today, over comments by Reev. Albert Mohler, Jr. of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary of Louisville, KY. He suggests that it would be acceptable according to Biblical principles to intervene medically in the womb and change sexual orientation before the baby is born to heterosexual.

The pastor was willing to concede, as in the play and film "Twilight of the Golds" that it might be possible to prove that homosexuality was genetic or biological. Such a possibility was explored in detail by Chandler Burr's 1996 book "A Separate Creation," published by Hyperion, a Disney company, a book whose publication caused a backlash against Disney at the time.

In recent times there has been more medical evidence that hormonal influences in utero might influence future sexual interest and drive and personality specialization. There is some evidence that males after the firstborn may sometimes be more likely to be gay, and that to some extent homosexuality appears much more in some families than in others. Other ideas may have to do with "brain wiring" and "pruning" that occurs in adolescence.

The article is here.
The visitor may need an AOL subscription or memnership to view the content. AOL, among news providers, tends to have a larger portion of socially controversial headline stories on its website. The AP article is by David Crary and is called "Furor over Baptist's 'Gay Baby' Article".


jmKelley said...

To acknowledge that God just might create some people as gay (as God created some people left-handed) would throw their whole fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible into question.

So in the face of growing medical evidence that sexual orientation is given at birth, some fundamentalists are preparing a way to still justify their prejudice against gays-- by claiming it's a treatable disease.

Here's a link to an excellent essay by a Baptist minister who had a change of heart on this issue:

P.S. Father Mychal Judge, the NY fire chaplain who died on 9/11, was openly gay (though celibate). His whole life was an imitation of Christ and he was seen by many as a living saint. Fr. Mychal famously asked, "Is there so much love in the world that we can afford to discriminate against any kind of love?"

redtown said...

“The Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals, and 362 to heterosexuals. This doesn’t mean God doesn’t love heterosexuals-- it’s just that they need more supervision.”
~ Lynn Lavner, comic

(Actually, it's debatable if those six passages really refer to homosexuals at all).