Thursday, April 05, 2007

NH, MA: more on civil unions, gay marriage, 1913 Mass law

The New Hampshire House passed a bill allowing civil unions that would give same-sex couples essentially the same rights as married couples. The story, “House Passes Civil Unions Bill,” is by Tom Fahey, published in the New Hampshire Union Leader, here:
on April 5, 2007.

Earlier the Union Leader had reported that Massachusetts Governpr Deval Patrick has ordered state public health officials to order recognition of out-of-state gay marriages, despite a 1913 Mass. Law that prohibits recognition of marriages of couples whose relationships had not been recognized in their home states. Candidate Mitt Romney, a Mormon, predicted a lawsuit over the 1913 law eventually, where the Supreme Court could claim that states do not have to recognize other states’ same-sex marriages, but Romney, in contradiction to much moderate opinion on governance, supports a constitutional federal amendment defining marriage.

Update: 4/7/2007

Frank Ahrens has a story in the Saturday Washington Post "Disney's Theme Weddings Come True for Gay Couples: Company Expands Access to Lavish Package," at this link.
Apparently these will be offered in both Florida and California. Disney extended benefits same-sex partners of employees in 1996, and prompted attempted boycotts from the religious right. No doubt they will protest again.

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