Sunday, May 20, 2007

Poland is schizophrenic on Gays; teachers in dire straits

I visited Poland myself in 1999, as the last stop on my European trip. I had taken the night train East from Berlin to Krakow, to visit Auscwhitz-Birkenau 40 miles away, and taken the train north to Warsaw, seeing farmers milling grain by hand.

The gay media has a couple of opposite stories. Anthony Cuesta has a story "Thousands March in Poland's Annual Gay Pride Celebration" from May 20, here. But on p. 14 of Pittsburgh Out (World News) has a story "Openly gay Polish teachers could face fines, jail time." I happened to pick this up at the Andy Warhol Museum this weekend. Teachers could be fired and charged with crimes if they disclosed their homosexuality in public, and so could their administrators if they tolerated the teachers. This is the most vile form of "don't ask don't tell" (or maybe "do ask don't tell").

Poland's Deputy Minister of Education Miroslaw Orzechowski announced a new bill, also supported by Roman Giertych, who claimed "homosexual propaganda must also be limited so children will have the correct view of the family... The propaganda of homosexuality is reaching younger children. If we will not use all our power to strengthen the family, then as a continent there is no future for us. We will be a continent settled by representatives of the Islamic world who care for their family."

This sound also most like a replay to the Nazi's attacks on the Jews, an odd development in Poland.

But the story reflects a disturbing sentimemt crawling out of the woodwork, and it is no blob. That is, families will not form and parents will not remain together and in passion for one another if they cannot count on the complete loyalty of their children to continue the families on. The "failure" of homosexuals to want their own biological children (not always ture) is becoming the main reason for their being viewed as much less than equal.

Ironically, gay conservative author Bruce Bawer has discussed the issue of Muslim settlement in Europe in his book "While Europe Slept," reviewed here, and discussed also in this blog entry.

Update: May 23, 2007

The Washington Times ran an op-ed (p A19) today by Paul Beilen, who discusses Poland in Europe's triangular culture war between "Judeo Christian morality," "secular hedonism", and "Islamic Jihadism". The hedonism might be confused with rationalism and objectivism. Beilen discusses a warning to Poland from the European Parliament of sanctions if Poland adopts a DADT law against gay teachers (again, a lot like gays in the military, which is well accepted in most of Europe). At the end of the column, Beilen refers to a 1954 quote of Karl Popper, who equates the biological nuclear family as equivalent to the "moral framework... (that) ... serves as a basis which makes it possible to reach a fair or equitable compromise between conflicting interests where this is necessary." That is, welcome to forced interdependence and socialization.

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