Saturday, June 23, 2007

CNN reports study on percentage of population that is gay

Today CNN has done a couple of stories on gay issues.

One was a CDC study that tried to estimate the percentage of the general population that is gay. The soft percentages among men were: 90% heterosexual, 2% homosexual, 2% bisexual, and 6% refused to answer. The non-heterosexual responses add up to the proverbial 10%, but conservatives have for years tried to debunk claims that the gay percentage is anything close to one in ten. What would be more interesting would be a study to find out what percentage of non-heterosexual responders were married, or had been married and divorced, and had fathered biological children, and, finally, had adopted children or cared for foster children.

CNN also covered a controversy in Santa Barbara, CA between different “factions” within the Episcopal Church over ordaining gays or accepting open gays. Two different rectors with different points of view were interviewed. Here is CNN's reference. The gist of CNN's story was to update the overall public controversy over homosexuality and religion.

There were many stories about controversy when Gene Robinson was ordained in 2003. Here is a typical story, “Episcopal Church torn by gay issue as more churches leave” in USA Today by Martha T. Moore, March 2, 2006, link here. There are many other stories found by search engines.

On Sunday June 24 CNN reported an African American pastor in a conservative congregation in Tulsa, OK was severly ostracized by his congregation and lost speaking engagements after accepting an openly gay physician as a member.

Picture: The Falls Church (Episcopal), in the city by that name in Virginia, near Washington DC. I attended one service there with a friend on All Saints Day in the 1990s. Apparently this church left the main Episcopal Church over this issue last year; the story appears on "The World Now" Dec 8, 2008, here.

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