Tuesday, June 05, 2007

DC Council reaches compromise on relocation of clubs displaced by Nationals

Well, actually it's not just the Nats, it's all the real estate development that was inevitable south of the Capitol, as the poor people and "red light" businesses are driven out for office buildings and condos. Nobody mentions that the land is low-lying and might be more flood exposed than many other areas of the City.

The Washington DC City Council today voted 9-4 for a compromise bill that would only allow up to two "red light" clubs in any one of Washington's eight wards. It is not clear yet whether this would apply to bars and discos that do not offer nudity; apparently it would not affect a business that does not serve alcohol.

The club "The Wet" near the Navy Yard Metro allowed male nude dancing, without touching (which has sometimes led to citations). In Minneapolis/St Paul, by comparison, dancers had to wear very minimal attire but "touching" was allowed.

There will be many reports in the Washington DC media; a typical one is on NBC4.

The Nats, for what it is worth, have been playing better, going 5-2 on a recent road trip but are 2-4 on a current home stand.

I still think that owners need one larger dance club somewhere in the Dupont Circle or perhaps U-Street Cardoza area (as large a floor as the Velvet Nations was). I wish the VN management could do this. There needs to be a nearby parking garage that is open 24-7 (since street parking is impossible in the City) and a dance club needs to stay open at least two hours after stopping serving alcohol, in order to encourage safer driving. My experience is that gay dance clubs have very few security problems compared to those of other straight clubs that have been widely reported in the Washington media (such as a recent club that leased space on DC property in the upscaling Cardoza area).

Earlier posting on this blog, discussing eminent domain, appeared May 12.

Pictures: Homemade baseball stadium as a board game (around 1955); old Griffith Stadium that was on Georgia Ave. (last use, the 1961 season with the then "new Senators"). Visit Ballparks.com Another picture shows Alexandria, which had two gay bars in the early 90s (one was the French Quarter) but both failed. The nearest in Northern Va is Freddie's in Arlington, near Crystal City.

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