Friday, June 15, 2007

MA: voters will not get to ban gay marriage in 2008

Widespread media report that a proposal to put a state constitutional amendment stopping gay marriage in Massachusetts in 2008 (that would ban gay marriage on a go-ahead basis) failed to the the 50 votes it needed. The proposal lost 151-45. Over 8,500 gay couples have married in Massachusetts since 2004.

Massachusetts is still the only state that allows gay marriage, called as such. Social conservatives have repeatedly argued that allowing some states to do this will eventually (with Full Faith and Credit) cause the institution of marriage (as a childrearing and lineage building institution) to disappear in all states. An effort to ban gay marriage with a federal constitutional amendment failed in the United States Senate in the summer of 2004.

USA Today ran a story Fri June 15 by Ken Maquire, "Next battle ready for Mass. Gay Marriage," about repealing a 1913 law forbidding honoring same-sex marriages from other states, here.

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