Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fox 5 DC reports Army gay witch hunt in Old Guard in Arlington

Fox WTTG Channel 5 in Washington DC tonight August 7, 2007 presented a story about a soldier and military policeman in the 3rd Infantry, Old Guard in Fort Myer, Arlington VA. The soldier reportedly was living off post with a gay relative, and was suspected of being "gay." In January, he was accused of an assault associated with a “pat down” when maintains he was not even on post. The charges were dropped and he was given an Article 15, and when he fought it, he was convicted of at least two “inappropriate touches” where were technically assaults under the UCMJ. He faces less than honorable discharge if the conviction stands up. He believes that the witch-hunt was motivated by comments made this summer by General Pace that homosexual acts are “immoral” and that other commanders thought they were doing “the right thing.” The television report maintained that it did not ask the soldier his sexual orientation because of the "don't ask don't tell" policy. The reporter was Beth Parker.

I was assigned to South Post at Fort Myer in the summer of 1968, right after Basic. I was submitted for a top secret security clearance under MOS 01E20 “Mathematician.” I started getting mysterious phone calls from a specialist in military personnel in late August, and I was transferred to Fort Eustis in September 1968. I may have been transferred because of a failure of the TS investigation because of my “psychiatric” episode after my expulsion from William and Mary in November 1961, as discussed in many other postings and in my books. South Post consisted of eyebrow barracks near the Pentagon and is no longer in existence.

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