Friday, June 13, 2008

Pride Weekend: Bachelor Auction at Remington's in DC

Last night, Thursday June 12, Remington’s (in SE Washington DC on Pennsylvania Ave, a few blocks from the Capitol) held its Annual Capital Pride Bachelor Auction. The event took place relatively early (9-11) since it was a “school night” and the Metro (very troubled lately with breakdowns) closes at midnight. Remington’s is often known for offering country and western, like the Roundup in Dallas.

The program started with the usual drag show (tips accepted) and moved into the auction after about an hour. The proceeds went to Capital Pride. It seemed that, for making the winning bid, the purchaser was rewarded with a dance with a bachelor. It sounded like some of the bidders had some deep pockets, maybe enough to be a Christie’s. Among the contestants, the “Marky Mark” (on a weekend where an M. Night Shyamalan horror film featuring that popular icon opens) look was common, whether artificial or not. The drag queens made a little ceremony about unveiling the prizes.

This was an event where height conferred a competitive advantage. People were standing on chairs and elevating themselves to see the dance floor, which is hard to see in many parts of an oddly shaped property with narrow spaces.

During the event an odd thought occurred to me. What if the sound system were interrupted and some dead serious music (like the opening theme of the finale of Brahms ‘s Third Symphony) were piped in? It would make a great effect in a movie.

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