Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Senate weighs lifting ban on HIV+ visitors and immigrants

At the same time that the Senate ponders greatly increasing funding to combat AIDS. The Senate also considers the possibility of ending the ban on HIV-positive persons visiting the United States. The ban has been in effect for more than twenty years, and the company the United States keeps in this regard is not flattering: Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Russia: It includes Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Russia.

Govtrack shows a bill S 2486 (“The Non-discrimination in Travel and Immigration Act of 2007), introduced by Sen. John Kerry in Dec. 2007 in the 110th Congress, link here.

The AP is by Jim Abrams and appears here. It was reprinted on AOL, and a survey showed that most Americans actually oppose lifting the ban on HIV positive visitors.

There are several other important bills in the 110th Congress related to HIV. One of the most important in S 860 “The Early Treatment for HIV Act of 2007” introduced by Sen Gordon Smith (R-OR). The bill would amend title XIX of the Social Security Act to allow states to provide Medicaid coverage for low-income individuals infected with HIV. The govtrack link is here.

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