Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CA: does gay marriage situation help McCain? If so, GOP is desperate

Page 15 of the October 2008 Mother Jones has a short sidebar “The Wed Menace: Does gay marriage help McCain?” The article is not online yet, but refers to The Hoover Institution (sounds encouraging, doesn’t it) and Bill Whalen as saying that the California State Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage (along with the proposition) as a potential gift to McCain. Time has an article Alex Altman back in May 2008 “Will Gay Marriage Help the GOP?” here. If so, in this era of bank failures, fiscal meltdowns and potential terrorism, and energy tap-outs, it sounds like evidence of just how weak and desperate the Republican Party has gotten given Bush’s performance in office and essentially a “minor league” pool of candidates. I was a Libertarian-leaning Republican of the Log Cabin type for years, and I have to agree with Lou Dobbs (who, I believe, once claimed to have been a Republican) of dismayal of the current administration’s recklessness. Some claim that the 2004 Massachusetts decision helped Bush beat Kerry in 2004, but that sounds desperate and tragicomic is so. I remember the day that the “constitutional amendment” was debated on the Senate floor in 2004, when Congress was a long way from a terrorism bill.

According to the Mother Jones piece, Obama supports repealing of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, signed by President Clinton.

Update: Aug. 27

To answer the comment, I looked this up, and found "Lou Doobs's Independent Convention" here. Wikipedia says Dobbs has switched from "fiscally conservative" to Republican. Wikipedia's reference says "Originally fiscally conservative, Dobbs' views changed from conservative to "Independent populist," etc. It also reads "Dobbs once described himself as a "lifelong Republican,"[16] but has stated that he has switched to being an unaffiliated independent populist, as he no longer openly supports any party."

Wikipedia also says "Dobbs has been generally supportive of gay civil rights." It reports that he was critical of the 2004 attempt to promote a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, and said that traditional marriage is mainly under pressure because of fiscal recklessness of those in power. No disagreement there.


LouDobbsForPresident said...

Lou Dobbs does NOT claim to be a Republican. He has said he is a Independent. Please do your research better.

Bill Boushka said...

True, I found his "independent convention" link on CNN. I'm pretty sure I've heard him characterize himself as having been a Republican and a conservative. But he has repeatedly attacked the Bush Administration, as reckless. I have two of his books.

I certainly hear what he says in his books. Yes, our fiscal and energy future is bleeding. As for running for President, have at it, Lou!!!

(Posting was changed to use the "past tense" in the statement about his political affiliation; new links given in posting.)