Wednesday, August 13, 2008

NIH will do a study of long term HIV "non-progressors"

The National Institutes of Health (specifically, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases at the Clinical Center in Bethesda, MD) will be conducting a study of HIV-positive persons who live for many years without anti-retroviral drugs and who do not progress into symptoms. Persons must be 18 and meet certain other qualifications, and apparently will be compensated.

The NIH link is here.

It has been long known that sometimes the partner of someone who has died of AIDS lives many years without symptoms. I personally have known of several such couples.

The study would determine patterns of HIV-resistance that may occur naturally because of genetics. Perhaps some people’s T-helper cells are not as easily entered by HIV as others, or somehow do not attract the virus as readily because of molecular geometry.

In 1988, I was evaluated at the Clinical Center for possible participation in the GP160 vaccine. I did not participate because the program would have required considerable presence at the Clinical Center during weekdays, when I had a full time job.

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