Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Gay marriage is a boon to Massachusetts economy, with out-of-state visitors

Gay marriage is helping provide an economic boost in Massachusetts. This is discussed in a story on p A3 of the Sept. 3, 2008 Washington Post by Keith B. Richburg. The title is “A milestone for Gays; a boom for Massachusetts; Nonresidents same-sex weddings bring economic boost”, link here.

One reason for the boon is the recent executive order from the new (after the Spitzer resignation) executive order from New York State governor David A. Paterson (Democratic) to recognize out-of-state marriages for same-sex couples.

Another is that Massachusetts repealed its 1913 segregationist “marriage tourism” law, actually intended to prevent interracial couples from coming to Massachusetts to marry from states that had driven them away with “Jim Crow” laws. It’s odd that past segregation could be used for a while to interfere with same-sex marriage.

Apparently visitors have to stay in the state three days to marry, increasing the economic boon.

Provincetown, on Cape Cod, seems to be booming all the time (as long as it stays out of hurricanes or “perfect storms”). I visited it with friends in 1976 (eventually to visit Mount Washington), but I had actually visited it in the 1950s during boyhood with a family, when it was very “different” from what it is today.

The reports on economic benefits to states with gay marriage might be helpful in defeating the referendum in California in November, trying to overturn the state supreme court ruling.

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