Sunday, October 05, 2008

CA: Obama might accidentally help Californians outlaw gay mrriage

Californians opposing gay marriage believe that Obama’s popularity will have the unintended consequence (from his viewpoint) of making it more likely that California’s Proposition 8, nullifying the state Supreme Court’s opinion, will actually pass. That is because Obama will draw out more African American voters, who are likely to be conservative on issues like what defines marriage.

CBS Evening News has a story “Gay marriage ban supporters thank Obama: Californians who hope to ban gay marriage are counting on Obama supporters to give them a boost,” Oct. 5, link here. The news correspondent is John Blackstone.

The story has a video and pictures of children carrying posters saying “Prop 8 = Free Speech”. The story also refers to the Genesis command “be fruitful and multiply”, as if not having children (eg avoiding heterosexual intercourse) disobeyed the Bible.

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