Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! I think Cobalt compounds are blue

I picked a “smaller” New Years Eve venue in Washington DC, Cobalt, on 17th St. The dance floor did not build up until about 11:30, and pretty soon the bar broadcast Anderson Cooper on CNN with its coverage of Times Square. I have a feeling that the choice of Anderson Cooper for the broadcast was very good for CNN’s ratings in bars. But this is his regular 360 time slot, right? They had a geography quiz: what is the one country completely contained within another country? Lesoto. They also showed the New Orleans celebration (also, Dallas, San Antonio, and Manhattan, KS). By the way, Bill Clinton (at Times Square) appeared shortly before the ball fell.

We had one extra second of December this year, since the atomic clock in London was adjusted by one second.

The streets in DC were not as crowded as usual, after a day of violent winds, thundersnow squalls, and power outages. It was about 22 degrees outside. The customers were a bit overdressed, not so used to cold in a southern city. Nobody “got it.” In Minneapolis, the boys would go to the Saloon in T-shirts even when it was 3 degrees outside.

Cobalt (with competition from Town DC) has renovated the dance floor, and taken out the platform, but left in the fire pole. I think it needs the central stage, and the couches. Also, some windows have been replaced by mirrors. That’s good for narcissism (for Dorian Gray, perhaps) but you can’t tell if it’s snowing outside. You could before.

I found out that men from poor Muslim countries in Africa attend gay bars. (Actually, the press has reported covert, hidden gay establishments to be common in large Muslim cities, probably paying off the authorities.)

Another observation. I had noticed this in Minneapolis, but it’s true in DC too. It seems that a significantly larger portion of men in gay discos are “very tall” (over 6 feet 4 inches) than in the male population at large. (It’s not true only in “Viking” Minnesota.) With all the theories about genetics and homosexuality, I’ve wondered if there could be some kind of accidental concordance.

This entry will get a 2008 date, because Blogger goes by California time. Almost a day behind Sydney, Australia.

Remember that breathtaking moment in London as January 1, 2000 started, after the tolling of Big Ben. It looked like a great openings scene for a thriller film (maybe mine). I seem to remember that on New Year’s Eve, 1999, ABC played a theme from Amy Beach’s only symphony to celebrate the occasion. That time, I was on Y2K duty, watching a computer cycle, although the company served refreshments, “with”.

Some time in January 2009, Anderson Cooper would tell Kelly Ripa on ABC that he worked on New Years Eve because he is a "social recluse."

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