Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Louisiana must issue birth certificate for New York gay couple adopting child

Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund has announced a legal victory in a custody case. Oren Adar and Mickey Smith had adopted a child in New York State. The child had been born in Louisiana, which would not issue a birth certificate to unmarried parents. On Dec. 23 Judge Jay Zainey, using the Full Faith and Credit Clause, ordered Louisiana to issue the certificate, naming both dads on the document. The Lambda link (for Adar v. Smith) is here.

A blog called Mombian has another account ("Major win for same-sex adoptive parents" of the case here.

Lambda also says that it helped a woman in Ohio get shared custody after her female partner tried to bar her from seeing the child.

The Washington Times has an interesting account, dated Dec. 28, here.

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