Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Washington DC: "gay marriage" through the "back door"?

The Washington Times, the DC area’s “conservative” paper (although the Examiner also seems so) continues its obsession with gay marriage (almost as important, it seems, as the financial collapse), although lately it’s dropped the practice of putting the word “marriage” in quotes (not sure how English teachers would handle this in punctuation lesson plans).

There’s an editorial today (Jan. 27, "D.C. gay marriage bill is a sham") on p. A16 that sort of suggests that there is a way to “inherit” gay marriage (literally in an Object oriented programming sense) from the politics of gay custody or gay adoption, given the social focus on the ever increasing need for adoptive parents. At least, there is in the peculiar politics of non-state Washington DC. The link is here.

The paper says that on Jan. 6, DC council members Phil Mendelson and Jack Evans proposed what amounts to automatic co-custody laws for same-sex female domestic partners, removing the need for an expensive adoption procedure for the second parent. For male couples, there’s an even more convoluted legal device. But the end result, the paper says, is to institute de facto gay marriage in Washington DC without having to go through the political process to get it (or let it be opposed, as in California).

It certainly is a bizarre take on the issue. But I always enjoy this particular newspaper and the mental fix it provides me, however perversely. And just imagine the java code in the “methods” for this new bill.

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