Monday, February 09, 2009

Former Marine argues for ending DADT in NY Times today

Owen West, now a commodities trader who served two tours in Iraq in the Marine Corps, has an interesting op-ed in The New York Times today on p A21, “An About-Face on Gay Troops,” link here.

Like other commentators, he notes that the public is much more sympathetic to the idea of lifting the ban now than it was in 1993. He points out that the main argument used in 1993 was one of “xenophobic” circularity. He also defuses Sam Nunn’s “privacy” argument. “Most military jobs are office-based and provide sufficient individual privacy” he writes. He also notes that even in Iraq many troops had “compartmentalized showers.”

He also says that the military is a dictatorship, but it will comply with Congress and the President if they lift “don’t ask don’t tell.”

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