Saturday, February 14, 2009

France finds that heterosexual couples often prefer civil unions

Heterosexual couples in France are often opting for “Civil Solidarity Pacts” rather than legal marriage. The PACS’s were originally a civil union designed for same sex couples. But straight couples often prefer the lower level of commitment while still gaining many tax and inheritance benefits, and perhaps less “responsibility”, according to Washington Post Foreign Service writer Edward Cody, in a story (“Straight Couples in France Are Choosing Civil Unions Meant for Gays”) on p A13 of The Washington Post today, Feb. 14. The link is here.

“Conservatives” have often criticized gay “civil unions” on the grounds that they will set a “bad example” for heterosexuals, which sounds like a “twisted pictures” kind of reasoning.

The Wikipedia page on same-sex marriage gives shaded maps for states and countries on allowing same-sex marriage, civil union, or banning by constitutional amendment. France is shown in yellow, as allowing “foreign marriages” and blue (on another map) as allowing civil unions, as do Germany and Britain. Spain accepts full same-sex marriage.

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