Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Prominent LGBT blogs are helping organize activists, greatly outpace conventional media on news details

Today (Tuesday Feb. 24) the Washington Post, on p. C1, Style, ran an interesting piece on LGBT-oriented blogs by Jose Antonio Vargas. It is titled “Gay bloggers’ voices rise in chorus of growing political influence,” link here. The HTML heading title is “bloggers are changing the way the gay rights movement communicates.”

The article mentions several important blogs, such as Pam’s House Blend from North Carolina, with about 8000 hits a day, and Towlerload ("A site with homosexual tendencies", and not "Towelhead", to movie), which right now has a lead story about “bears” with an attractive picture (chest hair included this time), and The Bilerico Project. The blogs tend to be fancy and have a high volume of previous posts and many categories (which seems easier with Wordpress). Having a high visual impact with videos and animation appears to attract more visitors.

The story doesn’t mention Gay Patriotwhich right now leads with “Why it matters that Bobby Jindal Delivers GOP Response” (to Obama’s speech).

The article indicates that the grass-roots, totally decentralized blogosphere is becoming much more effective in organizing gay movements and in spreading deeper news than is the conventional media, which has to deal with bureaucracy and formal journalistic standards.

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