Friday, March 27, 2009

Company advertises legal forms for LGBT couples

A company named Rocketlawyer, in an email sent by Peter Kojalo, advertised, yesterday by email, documents that LGBT couples can download to prepare for contingencies, such as hospitalizations, that could affect one partner when not fully protected by the privileges of marriage.

The HTML title pretty much communicates the purpose of the site, namely “Free Legal Help, Free Legal Documents: Wills, Leases, Contracts, Legal Forms and Agreements, Incorporation, Find a Lawyer.” But there is a specific subpitch: “LegalOut Launches, Helping LGBT Individuals and Couples Protect Themselves With Affordable, Efficient Online Legal Document Preparation”.

I’ll quote one paragraph of the email that states its case:

For a segment of society that continues to fight for the same basic civil rights that millions of Americans enjoy, taking the steps to protect oneself is even more critical, Severo says. "Can you imagine being in the hospital after an accident, and your partner couldn't even visit you because your state doesn't recognize partners as family members?" Severo points out. "This is all about giving people in the LGBT community the power to take control over their critical life decisions." The speaker is Lindalisa Severo.

The company was founded by Charley Moore.

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