Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oprah presents women who leave traditional marriages for other women

On Wednesday March 25, 2009 Oprah did a show on “Women leaving men for other women”. Oprah started out by saying that it seems that women are more “fluid” than maybe men are. She starts out with a female physical trainer that straight women fall for.

The link is here.

Lisa Diamond, author of “Sexual Fluidity”, discussed the Kinsey Scale, which was shown on the program. Lisa said that sexual orientation exclusivity is less common in women than in men.

The program then presented Chris, who had been a stay at home mom in a traditional marriage, and then met “she’s the one.”

Lisa said that what people are attracted to varies enormously and does not have the existential significance that conservative writers try to give it.

Then Oprah presented another woman who had been married for 24 years (with three children) before falling on love with a woman. The oldest daughter encouraged her to come out.

Much of the discussion related the concept that being gay is about inner identity, not just about sexuality. Diamond said that "fluidity is not choice."

Oprah mentioned an earlier show with Ted Haggard, who said "I don't want to be put in the box." Oprah acted a bit distant, which surprised me.

The issue of divorce did come up.

On Friday, March 27, ABC's "The View" took up the same topic. It was said that men are less "fluid" and know if they're gay much earlier in life. The term "heated missile" got used.

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