Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Westboro "Baptist Church" stages anti-gay rallies at DC area schools

Vitriolic protestors from the notorious Westboro Baptist Church (I should put “Baptist Church” in quotes because it has no affiliation with a Baptist convention) of Fred Phelps “graced” Fairfax High School and George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, and the White House, and apparently Towson High School, north of Baltimore MD. Local television stations reported this on March 30.

The Washington Blade has an article by Chris Johnson, March 27, 2009, “Activists to counter Westboro’s D.C. visit : Counter-protests, fundraising efforts held in response”, link here. Westboro has a website "GHF" whose full name I will not repeat or link to.

I don’t recall stories of Westboro visiting high schools before. This is certainly a challenge to administrators teachers and students. When I lived in Minneapolis, Westboro did picket AGCMCC once, and we were told not to speak to them.

Rev. Kharma Amos and others from MCC Nova were shown in the television reports.

Note the sign on the picture of the Topeka, Kansas "church". It's ironic that Topeka was the city that generated "Brown v. Board of Education" (1954).

John Stossel ("Give me a break!") has covered Westboro before, and shown how everybody wants Fred Phelps and his minions to go away.

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