Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bishop Hope Jackson leads anti-gay-marriage rally in DC: linked to "home rule" politics?

Marc Fisher, of the Washington Post, reports in Metro on p B3 (April 28) that Bishop Hope Jackson from Bowie, MD will hold his “Same-Sex Marriage ‘Armageddon’ in D.C.” at Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Ave. (near Archives) at 10 AM Tuesday (today – apparently a rescheduling). He claims he will have 1000 church members and 100 pastors at a rally for a DC Council proposal that he says is an affront to the cultural integrity of African Americans, who make up a majority of DC residents. The link is here.

The gay marriage recognition vote has triggered secondary debates on DC representation in Congress, subject of a documentary film “Un-Natural State” in FilmfestDC last week. (See my Movies Blog for April 21.) One the one hand, Congress is likely to gut the DC Council proposal, undercutting home rule on a civil rights issue. On the other hand, Jackson is hinting that the council does not represent “average” DC residents anyway.

Bishop Hope Jackson appears on YouTube a lot, as with this Nov. 11, 2008 posting by “Florida4Marriage” of his speech supporting Florida’s Amendment 2.

He says he is not against gays, but sees this as an issue of cultural stability. The problem is, the satisfaction that many couples experience in marriage is connected to the external meaning that society gives if for others. It gives a certain reverence not available to those who do not get married, and even the right to disrupt the lives of the unmarried to meet their needs.

Also, Tuesday morning, the Post has a p B1 article by Rosalind S. Helderman, “Brian Moran Gambles on Same-Sex Union Issue”, link here.

Moran is a gubernatorial candidate who, alone among three Democrats, says he will work to repeal the Marshall-Newman Amendment in Virginia. Brian is a younger brother of Congressman Jim Moran for the Eighth District of Virginia, a generally moderate Democrat.

Later Tuesday, The Washington Blade has a story by Lou Chibbaro, "Barry calls gay marriage immoral at rally", link here. "Barry" is former mayor Marion Barry (arrested for drug possession in 1990). The link includes another YouTube video of Jackson speaking, today.

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