Friday, April 17, 2009

Congress could upend DC gay marriage recognition vote; NY governor introduces gay marriage bill

The Washington Blade reports (in a story by Lou Chibbaro, Jr.) on April 17 that Congress will most likely try to foil a DC measure to recognize out-of-state gay marriages. The methods will be to attach riders to the District’s appropriations bill.

Democratic leaders in Congress have said that they will try to support the council.

Once again, there is evidence that a lack of full “home rule” pits the rights of individual District residents against the whims of people in other parts of the country.

The link is here. A key figure will be Stephen Lynch (D-Mass), who chairs the relevant US House subcommittee.

The New York Times is reporting on the front page today, in a story by Jeremy W. Peters, that New York State governor David A. Paterson has himself introduced a same-sex marriage bill, link here.

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