Saturday, May 23, 2009

Adam Lambert is a good sign of the new times

Aaron Hicklin has a nice column in the Sunday May 24, 2009 Washington Post, “When the Stage Has No Closet Space,” link here. The latest wrinkle has to do with Adam Lambert on “American Idol”. Hicklin reports a schizophrenic approach to homosexuality on television, sometimes embracing it on reality TV or comedy, sometimes treating it with kid gloves as Donald Trump did once on “The Apprentice” (as a gay candidate got fairly close to finishing in the finals), with talk of whether a lesbian could be nominated to the Supreme Court. He also points out that “conservative: Republicans can no longer count on “opposing equality” as a recruiting tool.

We’re left to sift down to some painful realities, that many of these old chestnuts (as Dick Cheney once called the military gay ban, with well deserved some embarrassment), that many of the old objections to homosexuality came from existential (as well as religious) ends. They came out of a way to socialize people in areas outside of the normal scope of personal expression and choice. Some of us from earlier generations still deal with the legacies of the past. We must overcome them, or we can die with them.

Readers may want to check a New York Daily News story “Clay Aiken apologizes to Adam Lambert of 'American Idol' for 'colorful' blog post” at this link.

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