Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NY Times "The Way We Live Now": How did Washington miss the generational shift on gay marriage?

Matt Bai has an interesting perspective on p 15 of The New York Times Magazine (Sunday May 24) in the series “The Way We Live Now” called “Queer Developments: How did Washington miss the generational shift on gay marriage?” link now.

The article starts out by a discussion of the election of Jesse Ventura to the governorship of Minnesota (as an Independent) in 1998, when I was living there. Ventura was popular because he gave unneeded tax money back to residents. Ventura said that he didn’t care if a gay couple next door hung a marriage certificate, or, for that matter, defended itself with gun ownership. Hence that is how some gay presence built in the Libertarian Party of Minnesota then, with some interest in the Reform Party. Those were good times for me, as I gave a lecture and onto cable TV with a chance to promote my then recent book.

Bai points out the shift of younger people not only on gay marriage but on gays in the military, as soldiers (at least with some degree of education) in today’s world are less likely to object to the idea of open gays “bonding” in their units than would soldiers a couple generations ago. Bai talks about the shift in thinking from “emotional disorder” to “biological happenstance”. One picks words carefully (unless one is Dr. Laura).

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