Monday, May 25, 2009

Obama's top advisor says, tread carefully with repeal of DADT

Sunday President Obama’s top military advisor Admiral Michael Mullen said that the Pentagon could implement a replacement for “don’t ask don’t tell” with a policy that allows gays to serve with some openness but that strictly regulates conduct. But he advised that the president should tread carefully about introducing controversy when the Armed Forces are in the middle of two wars. Reading between the lines, it seems that Mullen realizes that many commanders will not try to discharge gay soldiers when deployed in combat and when they are needed. He also seems to suggest that unit cohesion is developed over time, and is very dependent on the overall maturity of the troops.

The Washington Times story on Monday May 25 is by Sean Lengell, link here.

Many observers expect the president to start to discuss the issue quietly with Congressional leaders before speaking publicly about it, since he knows what happened during the Clinton administration.

One problem, often missed, is the “mashup” – that the ban can have a subtle effect on some civilian occupations.

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