Monday, June 01, 2009

Cheney supports states' adoption of same-sex marriage

The Los Angeles Times reports that former Vice President Dick Cheney supports same-sex marriage as long as it is implemented by states rather than by the federal government. That is, Cheney supports a state's right to implement gay marriage. Jimmy Kimmel says it took 10 minutes on the waterboard.

The link for the June 2, 2009 wire service story is here.

Apparently Cheney would oppose a federal constitutional amendment now, which the Bush administration had tried to push in the summer of 2004 after the Massachusetts decision.

Perhaps the experience of his own daughter has an influence.

Back in 1992, Cheney had been asked about the military gay ban, which he called "an old chestnut" but still supported. But even then he said that it should not affect civilians or security clearances (which it inevitably will). He has not yet been reported to have changed his mind on "don't ask don't tell" but that would now make a good question.

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