Monday, June 15, 2009

DC Board turns down referendum on "external" gay marriages

Tim Craig reports in the Tuesday, June 16 Washington Post that the District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics has turned down a proposal to hold a referendum on the new DC law recognizing external same-sex marriages from other states. The story is “Same-Sex Marriage Gains Traction: D.C. Board Says No to Referendum,” link here.

The Board has two members, and ruled that it is bound by a 1977 District of Columbia law protecting gays and lesbians from sexual orientation discrimination. That’s an odd year, when Anita Bryant went on her tirade in Florida, and wound up no longer the orange person.

Update: July 1, 2009

Keith L. Alexander has a story in The Washington Post, "D.C. SUPERIOR COURT
Judge Declines to Stay Law on Gay Marriage", link here.

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