Wednesday, June 17, 2009

HRC denies softpedalling repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell"; GA dad wins right for his kids to see his "gay friends" in court

Some gay media sources claim that HRC chief Joe Solmonese advised Presidet Obama’s white house to soft pedal repealing “don’t ask don’t tell” while focusing on hate crimes and general employment protection. Solomnese denies it, but admits that repealing DADT might be harder to do politically than some of the other objectives, and, reading between the lines, sounds concerned about another 1993 backlash from Congress. In the mean time, more gay servicemembers get discharged, the military loses critical language and intelligence skills, and in some cases gay civilians may feel deterred from pursuing some tangentially related occupations (whether legally necessary or not). The Queerty story is here.

Then, check out this court fight in Georgia where a divorced gay father had been ordered not to let his kids see his gay friends, absent any evidence at all of “misconduct”. Unbelievable today. The father won in court (that is, before the Georgia Supreme Court). Here is the Southern Voice link. Could this sort of outrageous stereotyping be an indirect result of military anti-gay policies?

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