Friday, June 26, 2009

Obama, Democrats catching heat on gay issues

The “conservative” newspaper “The Washington Times” is reporting gleefully today, Friday, June 26, in a front page story by Christina Bellantoni, “Gay Democrats close wallets to Obama; DNC funds threatened”, link here. Some are presenting Obama’s inertia on repealing “don’t ask don’t tell” as a potential national security issue. Missed intelligence may have contributed to 9/11, the argument goes.

A typical blog (from the San Diego News Network), according to the WT, is a column by Stampp Corbin, “The DOMA brief ruined everything”, link here. Corbin writes “Next week, I am boycotting the Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council Democratic National Committee event honoring Vice President Biden to drive home my discontent.”

Recently, HRC chair Joe Solmonese wrote to President Obama on the “formality” of writing a rather silly brief (with some unfortunate metaphos) defeinding DOMA. Oh, it’s like a formality, the dem’s say. Here’s the letter.

But then “Gay Patriot West” identifies Solmonese as the “Hypocrite of the Week” and says “For all too long, Solmonese has gotten away with putting loyalty to the Democratic Party and his left-wing allies ahead of honest advocacy for the gay community” (link).

It’s interesting to watch the “Left” unravel as the supposed bastion of gay rights. Let The Washington Times have some fun with this, particularly over a weekend. (It doesn’t print on Saturday.)

Update: Sunday, June 28

The New York Times has a "political memo" by Adam Nigourney, "Political Shifts on Gay Rights Lag Behind Culture", link here. The president met with 250 gay leaders in the White House on Monday June 22.

Update: Monday, June 29

The New York Times reports that President Obama has asked the LGBT community for credit for progress made, here. The story is by Sheryl Gay Stohlberg and the title is "On Gay Issues, Obama Asks to Be Judged on Vows Kept". Obama still "promises" to address the military gay ban.

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