Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Episcopal church in US reverses ban on gay bishops

George Conger, in a supposed special to The Washington Times on Wednesday July 15, reports “Episcopal Church ends its ban on gay bishops; Reversal defies the archbishop”, link here.

The U.S. Episcopal Church reversed a “ban” on gay bishops from 2006 after the controversy incurred in 2003 over the consecration of Bishop Gene Robinson from New Hampshire, at a convocation in Minneapolis that I recall (I was living there then).

There is some concern that the action could cause the U.S. Church to break away from “the Church of England”. I had a friend in the “conservative” wing of the Episcopal church around 1989.

Update: July 16

George Conger has followed up with another story on p A5 today in The Washington Times, "Episcopal bishops approve same-sex blessing; draft requires further authorization, was shelved in 2003". The draft was approved at the meeting of the Episcopal General Convention taking place in Anaheim, CA.

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