Friday, July 24, 2009

Gay sailor murdered at Camp Pendleton

According to an AP story on AOL today (July 24) the US Navy says it is pursuing murder charges against Petty Officer Jonathan Campos of Lancaster CA for the shooting death of Seaman August Provost of Houston TX on June 30, as Provost stood guard at Camp Pendleton, CA. The Navy says that there is no evidence that Provost ever filed a harassment report, but the practical reality (and "chilling effect") of "don't ask don't tell" is that gay sailors or soldier rarely do.

The link for the story is here.

SLDN has a brief story on the incident here.

Of course, what comes to mind is the death of Barry Winchell at Fort Campbell, KY in 1999, the subject of a Showtime film “Soldier’s Girl”.

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