Monday, July 06, 2009

Washington Times letter says "go back to asking"

The Washington Times, on Monday July 6, ran a “Letter of the Day” from Wayne L. Johnson, retired Commander, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, Navy, “Asking about ‘don’t ask don’t tell”. The letter says that the 1993 law gives Gates no choice but to enforce the policy literally, apparently even when a servicemember has been “outed” by a third party. The letter claims that the only alternative for secretary Gates is to go back to the pre-1993 policy (as of 1981) of “asking” every recruit at accession. The 1993 law sort of said “ask if necessary,” as Andrew Sullivan once pointed out in The New Republic. Newt Gingrich once proposed "going back to asking" in 1995. The link for the letter is here. This letter does throw some cold water on the debate.

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